encore dance studio footnotes




All students at Encore (except FREE community classes & FoxyFit) have a flat tuition rate for the year (classes September-June). To make tuition easier on families the cost is broken into 10 equal monthly payments from August through May.

Monthly tuition ranges from $50 for single classes to $310 for full after school care.

     • AUTOPAY - is required for all students (except FREE community classes & FoxyFit)

     • DUE - tuition is on the 25th of the month for the following month (example: September tuition is due on August 25th)

     • MEMBERSHIP - autorenews for all participants on April 25th annually (except FREE community classes & FoxyFit)

     • LATE/DECLINE FEE - if tuition is unable to process through our auto pay system a $15 decline/late fee will be applied per family

     • NON REFUNDABLE - tuition and fees are non-refundable for any reason unless there is a class cancellation and no make up classes are available


Private instruction is available to students who are currently enrolled in a class. Rates are $30 for 30minutes and $50 for one hour. Check in at the desk or talk to your teacher if you would like schedule private time for your dancer.


Spring Recital

Tickets for the recital can be purchased starting April 1st.

Price depends on the type of costume:

     • Cheer Uniform $65

     • Child size costume $75

     • Adult size costume $85

     • 2-in-1 Costume $95

     • PLUS SIZE - there may be an additional fee for plus-size costumes

     • PAYMENT - costume payments are broken into 2 installments, half due 10/25 and half due 11/25 (signing up for lessons after November? Costume cost is due in full at sign-up)

     • AUTO-PAY - costume cost is auto-processed with tuition in October & November

     • ALTERATIONS - any alterations needed for your child's costume are the responsibility of the parent/guardian



All siblings from the same immediate family get 20% off their regular tuition cost (excludes private lessons, dance team fees, & adult classes)

No matter the number of students or hours spent dancing, no family will pay regular tuition over $375 per month!


Fundraising & Sponsorships

We try to give families multiple fundraising opportunities to help cover cost of tuition, costumes, and more. Look out for information in our monthly newsletter about a Fall and Spring fundraiser! Some students have raised as much as $350 for their accounts!

Our students finish out each year with a Spring Rectial and Yearbook! Businesses and family memebers are encouraged to purchase ad space in our yearbook with a sponsorship of a student of their choice.


Other Policies

     • ACCESS TO YOUR ACCOUNT - you may log into your account at any time by clicking here to view your current tuition & balance due.

     • DROPPING A CLASS - if you wish to drop a class you must notify the office 15 days prior, in writing via email.

     • WITHDRAWING FROM ALL CLASSES - if you wish to no longer attend any classes at Encore you  must notify the office 30 days prior, in writing via email.

     • MISSED CLASSES - tuition is not prorated for missed classes.

     • MAKE UP CLASSES - students can schedule a make up class through the office if they miss a class due to illness or school function. There is only ONE make up classes allowed every six weeks. Encore reserves the right to request documentation of illness.

Phone:  (503) 717-1637        Email:  getyoudancing@gmail.com        Office:  3631 Hwy 101 Gearhart, Oregon