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(For information on afterschool program for Astor Elementary, Lewis and Clark and Warrenton Elementary - click here.)


Daily Afterschool Programs

Our afterschool programs are available Monday – Friday. We provide care until 5:00 pm. Even on Early Release Wednesdays. Afterschool Program Tuition is comparable to daycare prices but we offer students a dance or tumble class every single day. We have a full time Encore staff member on hand to specifically attend to the afterschool kids when they aren't dancing – she's always available to help kids with whatever they need from ponytails to homework help! Our weekly afterschool class schedule is below:

MONDAYS: Hip Hop & Tumble

TUESDAYS: Tap & Tumble

WEDNESDAYS: Musical Theater, Ballet & Tumble

THURSDAYS: Jazz & Cheer

FRIDAYS: Open Gym & Movie

$115 month for one day a week

$165 month for two days a week

$215 month for three days a week

$265 month for four days a week

$295 month for Monday - Friday with Early Release

FREE TRANSPORTATION from Gearhart Elementary! Students can be dropped off at Encore’s front door via the school bus for free.

PERFORMANCES & COSTUMES Afterschool dance classes will perform routines at the Holiday Toy Drive in December and also at the Spring Showcase in June.

Costumes are Black Leotard and Pink tights for most classes. Add a skirt or shorts in your class' color (see parent portal or app for your child's class color)

Costumes are $85 for each routine your child is in.
½ of Spring Showcase Costume fees are due October 25th, the other ½ is due November 25th. We start ordering costumes for the Spring Showcase in December

Please send afterschool kids with a snack and a water bottle every day.

We have designated hooks on the wall for afterschool kid’s dance bags so they can leave their shoes at the studio all the time (no trying to remember which dance shoes to pack them every day) but just in case make sure their shoes and bags are all clearly marked with their names or at least initials

Our Afterschool program runs on the school schedule Sept – June. Closed for Winter and Spring Break, President’s Day, Memorial Day AND Summer Break. We also close for Halloween because the kids want to go trick-or-treating! We operate our regular schedule for all other holidays, in-service days and parent teacher conferences but we don’t provide transportation on those no school days – students will need to get a ride from a parent or family member.

Phone:  (503) 717-1637        Email:  getyoudancing@gmail.com        Office:  3631 Hwy 101 Gearhart, Oregon